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“I love Walker because of the community and comradeship of the children and parents; the friendships they build which I know will last a lifetime. I love watching the children commit to the dancing and feel the satisfaction when they master a movement or rhythm which has taken hours of practice to achieve. I love the good company, laughs and support that I have enjoyed with Adrian, Carmel and Peggy”.

– Ann Truman TMRF (Walker Irish Dance Teacher)

“We’ve been with Walker since the very beginning. Our school is more of a family than a school. The teachers only want what’s best for our children and strive to help them achieve their dance goals. We wouldn’t dance anywhere else but with Walker!!”

– The Donaghy Family

“Walker is a place where students can learn the skills and art of Irish dance. But it’s more than that – Walker is like an extended family. Not only do the teachers work with, mentor and encourage the students, but the students help and encourage others. In both individual and team work, there is a real sense of spirit, camaraderie and friendship.”

– Dr Roy Duncan

“I just wanted to say how fantastic your dancers were on Sunday.  You would know this already I realise.  But truly it was an absolute pleasure and joy to watch all groups but those older girls and young lads were something else.  I could have just watched them all afternoon. I love Group dancing and even more so when you have the style and grace of that group.  You must be very proud of their work and yours.  You know something was great when you can remember them and it brings a smile to your face.  Thank you for letting us see them.”

– Sue